3 The Most Expensive And Fastest Computer In The World

The Most Expensive Computer In The World- Greetings, friends. This time I will discuss about computers that are rarely disclosed, the sophistication and price offered.

Before buying a computer, I recommend checking the quality and price first, because this time the admin will share with friends everything about the price of a computer that is very expensive, even the most expensive in history.

Currently most young people play games using smartphones and laptops, but in terms of comfort and pleasure playing games is still superior to using computers.

Well, this time the admin will not only discuss the expensive computer, but will also discuss aspects of computer quality and speed.

1- Komputer MareNostrum 4

3 The Most Expensive And Fastest Computer In The World

The most sophisticated, fastest and even most expensive computer in the world is the MareNostrum 4 type computer, this computer was first released in Barcelona in 2017.

The appearance of this computer design followed the inconspicuous modern design, many of the richest people in the world wanted this type of computer.

For those of you who like to edit YouTube and blogger content, while slow computers at home are often damaged, there is nothing wrong with buying this type of computer, guaranteed to work only 20 minutes.

2- Komputer Summit

3 The Most Expensive And Fastest Computer In The World

The fastest computer in the world has undergone several trials, both software and hardware.
Many say that this computer is the fastest and most sophisticated ever, this Summit computer has developed several features including an increase in the capacity of Hardist, Ram, Processor, and power supply.

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This Summit computer has the ability to process Summit data up to 200,000 quadrillion calculations per second. Wow cool right, very interested to have it, hehe wait a minute, Broww this computer is very appreciated.

RAM 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB RAM, just choose as needed.
Want to know the exorbitant price offered to you.

3- Komputer Connection Machine 5

3 The Most Expensive And Fastest Computer In The World

The most sophisticated computer is currently in the hands of 5 brands of Connection Machines, this computer is equipped with several quality hardware, so you don't need to be confused if you already have this computer.

The Connection Machine 5 computer is the flagship because it has a CM-5 with a peak performance of 65.5 gigaflops.

In the world of computer programming, this is one of the mainstays, so that all the computers recommended above have the best quality from each computer.

So the 3 most expensive and fastest computers in the world are a hot topic of conversation in the technology world.

Those are some of the best computer recommendations in the world for you, hopefully with the presence of this latest update it will be a rare start to achieve the best quality

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